Years Experience


Years Experience

About ROK

Embrace the improved hygiene with ROK!

Inspired by the trust of our consumers, our brands are working every moment of every day to improve the hygiene, health and nutrition of people across the globe. ROK is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of household products. With functions throughout the country, ROK spreads the message of elegance and purity for your well-being. Embrace the improved hygiene with ROK!

Residential Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Liquid Dish Cleaner

No more irritating scrubbing! Experience smooth dish washing with ROK Dish Wash.

Wood Cleaner

Revive the excellence of your furniture. Prevent all the dullness and give your wooden products gorgeous glow with ROK.

Glass Cleaner

Get flickering glasses by ammonia-free ROK Glass Cleaner. Renovate the glasses with no stains

Floor Cleaner

Rub away all the dust and stains. Get tidy floors with five different mind blowing flavors.